WordPress Blog Optimization Secrets and Tips

WordPress BlogSite Optimization Secrets and Tips

Every blogger should serious about site quality management and blog optimization. Here are a few little known tips and tricks to help you out with the technical aspects of blog optimization.

1. Update the content of your blog frequently

It is very necessary to update the blog content regularly. Google bots give high priority to the blogs which updates their content frequently. It is also very important to have a fresh and interesting content on your blog that can hold visitors on your blog.

2. Changing The Template/Layout Of Your Blog

Changing the template of your blog? Remember to always save a copy of the template you are currently using.

This will come in handy if you change your template, preview your blog in the new template, and do not like what you see.

3. Don’t Distract Your Readers With Too Many Videos/Music Files

Do not insert too many videos, music files or flash images in one post. Not only is it distracting for the reader, you will also end up increasing the page load time and will bore your visitors away.

4. Review The Coding Of Your Blog

Most bloggers insert codes that are written in XHTML instead of HTML. Since XHTML is case sensitive, you have to ensure that all your text code is written in the lower case. Remember, XHTML is stricter than HTML.

5. How To Easily Change Your Blog’s Background Color

You can change the blogger header background color simply by clicking on the ‘edit HTML’ option and scrolling to the code part where the background is mentioned as ‘background’. Here you can enter the code of the colour you want to change to, and then save your blog site. Refresh your blog site later.

6. Learn To Tag Your Posts

Learn to tag your posts. In systems like WordPress and Blogger, a well tagged site is crawled much more easily by search engines and hence comes up higher in the rankings. Not only will it rank you higher, it also ensures your readers can read up on a particular type of post any time.

7. Move Javascript at Bottom of the Page

Your site can run very slow or stall if another site that you call Javascript from is down. Moving the Javascript to the bottom of the page allows your visitor to still see your page content even though the javascript at the bottom is not loading for some unknown reason.

How to move Javascript to the bottom of the page

So I am going to quickly cover this here. There may be exceptions where you specifically want to load the javascript in the header but generally it should be moved to the bottom of the page (footer of your theme). The HTML code to load a javascript looks similar to the following:
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://www.your-site.com/wp-content/themes/theme-name/scripts/some-script-file.js”></script>

So you can open your theme’s “header.php” and search for the word “javascript”. Once you find a line similar to the one above, cut that full statement (opening tag to end tag) and paste it in the “footer.php” file.

Try these blog optimization tips and say hello to a new and improved way of fast and optimized blogging.

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