Make a Trendy Basket Lamp Using a Basket, Save Hundreds

Whether you’re talking wicker chairs or round jute rugs, natural fiber furnishings seem to be everywhere. Even in lighting: Anthropologie carries a tiered rattan pendant for $528, a wrapped jute chandelier for $258, even a basket-weave sconce with twinkly little ornaments sprucing it up. All are equal parts casual and elegant, like your very favorite basket flipped over and turned into a ceiling light.

Which, come to think of it, is probably a DIY you could actually pull off. First you’ll need a woven basket, though any sort of natural fiber container could work. Chris Bletzer, the designer whose retro NYC townhouse had us all in a tizzy this spring, made a pendant from an antique bowl he found at a flea market. Then you’ll need a few hours and just two more supplies. Here’s how to fashion a woven pendant light yourself, for way less than you’d spend buying it new.

First things first, get the basket. This will be the most complicated task you face in your basket lamp DIY: shopping for a container to turn into a pendant lamp. Thankfully, an easy task—if you’ve been inside literally any store recently, you know there’s more cute baskets in the world these days than one could ever hope to find a use for. We recommend something lightweight and permeable, a shallow woven bamboo construction or even a belly basket made of sea grass. The less weight on the bulb kit, the better. Basically, anything you’d like to see hanging from cord in your living (dining, etc.) room.

Make a hole in the base. Seeing as your basket will be uniquely constructed, this might require drilling or it might just require snipping with sharp shears. Do what needs to be done to make a small hole in the base of the basket, taking care to center it so the thing hangs straight.

Products From Jute Textile Waste

Use SEO Content to Make More Money

Make More Money Easily by Using Effective Keyword Rich SEO Content

Today’s online business is SEO oriented and people try to optimize their website through search engine optimization or SEO in order to be found by search engines easily. When search engines favour them, it’s expected that more traffic or people would be able to visit their site thus businesses get more customers and make more money. If you have an online business, here are ways to optimize your website so as to drive traffic your way and make profits.

Place proper keywords on your site that best describe your product. These should be the exact keywords that people use when they make a search on search engines. For instance, If you are selling laptops, choosing the keyword “laptop” is too generic. Think of the people you want to visit your site, visitors who would likely be your customers. If you are selling second hand laptops, you would be better off choosing the keyword “second hand laptop” or for a more specific term you can include the brand, “Dell second hand laptop” or “HP second hand laptop”.

You must also check how competitive the keyword is. Try searching for the keyword you are targeting in google by enclosing it inside quotes to know how many web pages are competing for that keyword. Example: “second hand laptop” If the search results showed more than 50,000 pages look for another keyword as this keyword is quite competitive.

Use such keywords so that search engines would be able to find your website and place your site in their top result pages. People will then be able to click on your site thus you would be able to make money online.

Another way how to make money online is to fill your website with quality content such as informative articles. When you have good articles that readers repost in their own websites or on their profiles in social networking sites, search engines will like this and will place your site in their top result pages. You have to make your articles accessible to people online and one way of doing this is submitting them in online article directories. There are a lot of people who visit such directories to look for information.

Keywords role on SEO is crucial because you will not be able to start proper SEO if you have not selected a keyword or keyword phrase. Once you’ve selected the right keyword for your web page you can now proceed with your on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

The google keyword tool can also help you choose the right keyword for your web page. You can see how many global searches there are, local searches happen, the competition there is and many more parameters. So you easily can find the best keyword that match for your business and use the effectively to make a Keyword Rich SEO Content which will help you to make more sales and money from your online business project.

Make Money on eBay by Selling Public Domain Products

Make Money on eBay – Selling Public Domain Products

One of the easiest ways to make money on eBay is selling public domain information. The great thing about selling public products on eBay is that they have a huge market of buyers regularly searching eBay for anything old and rare.

You can also package these products in different formats, for instance if you find an old fishing book you can make it completely new and fresh by adding pictures, more text etc.

You can read the book into a microphone and hey presto you’ve got a great new audio product to burn to a cd and sell over and over again. There’s a great perception of wealth attached to audio products, you could make a fortune if you created four or five audio products and constantly listed them on eBay.

You can also take a great old picture, screen print it on a t shirt or place it on a mouse mat.

One guy I know prints old sports pictures on tea and coffee mugs and sells them for huge profits.

You can sell old books as ebooks burned onto cd’s, you can turn the book into an audio product or even a dvd.

The only problem with making money from public domain works is how to find real quality public domain websites.

Earn An Income Through Article Marketing

Earn An Income Through Writing Articles – Article Marketing for Cash

Article marketing is one of the most effective ways to begin earning income on the internet. You’ll be able to work from your residence , establish your own schedule and start with very little to no cash . Once you’ve learned the fundamental principle , you can start writing articles and earning money in not much time whatsoever. Countless numbers of men and women just like you are making a full time income or just extra cash through article marketing.

The concept behind article marketing is that you just write an article about a problem folks have or a item you understand they want or need. Let’s look at barbecue grills for example. You write an article extolling a certain model of barbecue grill, maybe one you have at home. Talk about the positive aspects of that grill and why it is such a good one. In a nutshell, you are writing an ad for that grill’s online marketing.

Now the thing is, at the end of your article there’s a link to the item. Every time the reader clicks on your link, the corporation keeps a record and sends you money making the sale. And the greatest part is you could receive cash for writing about pretty much anything you could think of from aquariums to barbecue grills.

Technique to Become SEO Expert and Make Money Online

The secret technique to Become SEO Expert and make Money Online

Automating your SEO business whenever feasible is essential and that no SEO professional can do without. Why is it considered just as important to automate your SEO business?

Let’s think about that you are managing a few SEO campaigns concurrently and have various jobs and details to follow of. For instance, keyword research, augmenting on-page elements, web page arranging and tweaking, and so forth. Provided that you are to do these tasks yourself, you are absolutely likely going to spend a chunk of time on these jobs, time that is better applied elsewhere, such as identifying fresh customers to expand your business. Furthermore, there is always the likelihood that you might commit selected human error in the procedure.

Being effective in SEO is a numbers game. You desire to create a massive magnitude of backlinks ranging in the thousands in the least amount of time. Performing tasks manually is just not the way to go assuming that you wish to manage a successful SEO business.

Consider about it, if Internet businesses out there were to spend their valuable time painstakingly writing content for blogs and website directories, finding and sourcing out every single individual backlink, Controlling every forum profile and posting, they won’t get very far at all before fatigue and breakdown set in.

Tips That Help You Make Money From Blogging

Do you know blogging is one of the most successful way to make money online. You can start your blog on a free platform like blogger or buy a domain and hosting and set up a WordPress blog. It’s not a difficult place to find your way around but remember you need to post often. By that I mean at least every week and if you cant for any reason then inform your readers.

Follow these key points on how to make money from blogging — from setup to money making strategies:

* Get a domain name and hosting on or any other domain and hosting service.
* Go to and download the latest version to your hosted domain name
* Determine what you want to write about. What are your hobbies, interests, and/or passions?
* Do keyword research to determine what keywords are being searched for that pertain to your interests that you want to blog about.
* Write about that keyword topic on your blog so that those searching for that keyword can find your blog and read your blog post… thus creating traffic to your blog.

When your blog starts getting a good number of visitors, you can put in some ads. There are a number of ad companies such as Google AdSense and Yahoo Marketing. Once your ads are set up and your blog attracts enough readers, you will be able to start making money. People who view your blogs may click on an ad and when they do you will get paid.

Easy and Enjoy !

How To Make Money With Network Marketing

Multi level marketing (MLM) and network marketing has grown significantly over the last 20 years. After this model first entered the market it was liked among vitamin and mineral companies. Many are still within the health industry. Some of the most successful MLMs have goods that incorporate weight control management.

How to make money with a MLM network marketing company is a question that does not have just one answer. Many types of firms can benefit from this fashion of marketing. You can also get numerous services that could make full use of MLM as a method of increasing their organization. Multi level marketing consists of independent product sales vendors that may present solutions on behalf of an entirely new selected firm. They will get commission based on production and results.

It has been said that 10% of new millionaires in the US over the past ten years have done it by building businesses through network marketing.

Multi level marketing provides leverage like no other business. Once you have 100 people in your organization, you are their leader. This means that you can do a little testing with them. Have them hand out CDs and send x amount of people to your presentation each week, tell them how you want them to promote.

Now that’s certainly not to say that the MLM business model suits everybody. There is always a rather large drop out or failure rate, but then that holds true for pretty much any business, online, offline, MLM or whatever. Most Businesses do tend to fail in their first 4 years, but out of the tens of millions that are started each year, there are plenty that do succeed.

Writing For Money – Turn Your Words Into Cash

Writing articles is one of the best ways to start making money online quickly, without any costs upfront. If you have decent grammar and typing skills, you will be able to write articles for money. The process to start writing articles for pay is very simple and straightforward.

Write for Cash is a great way to make extra money in your spare time, giving you the freedom to work when you want and setting no limit on the amount you can earn.

Firstly, cautiously pick out your topic. If you are new to writing articles online then the best way to start is to write about something you know just to get into the practice of writing.

Use all your cleverness when writing the heading meant for your article. The title or the heading is the most indispensable part as if it does not appeal; people will not read your article. Do not rush it and make sure that it does take hold of the attention of your readers. You can catch the attention of or the interest of your readers by using awareness grasping announcements or by asking an interesting question.

Freelance writing usually involves writing articles for people that need content for web pages or blogs. You can typically get paid from $3 to $10 per article depending on the word count and your writing skill.

Article marketing (aka bum marketing) typically involves promoting affiliate products by writing reviews or descriptive articles about them. You will include an affiliate link that will track any purchases made by your visitors. You will in turn make a commission from these sales.

How to Make Money by Selling on Ebay

eBay is a great place to buy things for my family at great prices. I buy home school books, clothes for myself, clothes for my kids, things for the baby, household products…you name it and you can probably find it in an eBay auction! Many people shops for software and computer hardware and electronics on eBay before looking anywhere else.

Ebay selling is very easy and is free! My recommendation is to begin by making several purchases on eBay. It is much easier to get your feet wet by buying than it is for selling. People are more likely to buy from you if you have some feedback from other auctions. You get feedback by having a good transaction with another eBay seller.

Finding Items to Sell on eBay

If you’re like most people, you started your eBay selling career selling used items such as clothing, books and DVDs. But, what do you do once you’ve sold everything from your closets, attic and garage? There are actually many different places to find merchandise to sell on eBay. Many eBay sellers buy items from thrift stores and garage sales and resell on eBay for a profit.

Wholesale vs. Drop Shipping

Buying products low at wholesale prices and reselling on eBay for a profit is a way many people make their eBay fortunes. Another way is by using a drop shipper. Dropshipping allows you to sell products for which you’ve not purchased ahead of time, and for which you don’t have to ship. They’re both great methods.

eBay Auction Tools

If you’re serious about your eBay business supporting you, then you have to consider using some serious eBay auction tools. There are tools out there, some free, some fee-based, which allow you to research which products you should be selling, as well as tools which help you find those products.

Another best way to start selling on eBay is to actually start selling on eBay. Yes, there are some things to learn, but take your time, look at the eBay help files (and these tips) and just start selling. You will make some mistakes—we all do. But don’t get frustrated or give up. You will get better with experience.

Also, selling will make you a better buyer. You will understand things from the seller’s point of view and learn other ways to spot bargains.